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Branding & identity is what tells people who and what you are. It’s an intricate balance of the name, the logo, slogans, design of printed materials and your web presence. Each marketing piece needs to be designed with the brand in mind to keep a consistent, clear message being sent to your prospective clients.

We start each branding process by listening to you. Then we research the marketplace which you operate in. Then we create an exceptional idea and transform that idea with graphics and design into a captivating brand.

Choosing to work with us, we not only can create an exceptional brand for your business, but we can carry that brand across all marketing mediums ensuring a consistent message is seen by your clients. Nothing confuses prospective clients than inconsistent branding.

For every branding & identity project we work on, we provide our clients with a Brand Style Guide. This guide details the proper use of the logo, slogans, fonts and colours.

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  • *What Is Brand Value?

    Everything you do effects your brand whether it's creating a flyer program, building a website or answering your phone. After careful research, we have assessed the services we provide and the impact they would typically have on your brand. These values are not by any means to be taken as concrete as depending on your ovrall marketing strategy, our services may have more of an impact or less of an impact on your brand.

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