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Have you ever tried to put together a flyer program with 5 or more franchisees or suppliers? The pain and time wasted going back and forth with everyone involved trying to get pricing and distribution together for each location is insurmountable. Not to mention the headache it can cause.

Enter Mostad Connect. What is Mostad Connect you ask? Simple. It’s a flexible cloud based, custom platform solution that connects franchisors and their franchisees together in a single, online interface effectively streamlining their communication and marketing programs.

Our platform was built with you in mind. Mostad Connect is unique in the fact you can selectively choose the modules or tools you want. This allows complete flexibility with our platform. Did we say it was custom too? We can customize every element, button, graphic and workflow to fit your specific business or organization needs.

Key Benefits

  • On-line flyer creation. Upload your original PDF’s and allow your franchisors to change the pricing based on their market. Don’t worry, there are approval checks built in before it goes to press.
  • The Distribution Management module allows you or your franchisee to manage the distribution of the flyer…easily.
  • Instant Messaging is built in which allows anyone that needs to be notified of changes, is. We can setup your system so that not only is everyone within the company notified, but newspaper distributors, direct mailers, freight companies and even the post office are notified of delivery date changes.
  • Our Message Board module allows a head office to post upcoming product, service or policy changes and have every user notified instantly.
  • We have developed a training module which allows a centralized training system to be setup and used by all users and locations. The training module allows the use of videos, audio and interactive training to be created and setup on the cloud.
  • We have developed numerous modules and can create custom modules as you need them.

Call us today and find out how Mostad Connect can save you and your franchise money.

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