Our Environmental Commitment

Mostad Printing prides itself on doing what we can to minimize our impact on the environment and has worked hard to search out a range of recycled papers so that you can too!

Print your flyer on one of our carefully selected recycled grades of paper and we will prepare an environmental benefits statement for you to proudly display on your print project. Please contact our sales department should you have any questions on how you can print on recycled paper. In many cases, the price is less than you might think.


Impressive numbers aren’t they…

(These numbers are how much Mostad saved from using just
one grade of recyled paper in 2012)

If you would like to know more about how we responsibly manage our internal waste, please click the pdf icon below to download the CleanPrint Article.

Did You Know?

Mostad Publications Ltd started in the mid-60’s with the SURREY SHOPPER?

There was no office back then – it was run from Fred Mostad’s home.

The Shoppers were printed at Horizon Press in North Vancouver, then later at Web Press in Lake City on Web Leader press Units.

In 1973, Fred and Graham Mostad (Father and Son) with two other businessmen bought a building on Bentley Road in Surrey, BC as well as 4 Web Leader press units and started Surrey Centre Publishing Ltd. – mainly to print the Shoppers.